Sheree Kaslikowski

Artist Notes:

I love light as it resonates through time and space, articulating form & infusing all with life’s energy.

Marble forms gradually in nature, holding a history off time and space, allowing light to penetrate dimensionally and illuminate throughout the form.

I begin to create a sculpture by searching for and selecting marble that will embody a feeling, moment or movement through time. The marble may be discovered in a mountain quarry, recycled from a past amenity, or along the ocean’s shore during solstice tides. I sculpt and compose the form with the time honored tradition of hand held tools and my own energy.

“Breaking Wave”: The sculpture, “Breaking Wave,” represents the momentum of any idea or movement as it penetrates the surface. The wave form, composed of Bianco Carrara marble, crashes onto a dark, contrasting marble surface with swirling flecks of white, adding a sense of depth. The Bianco Carrara Marble includes original quarry saw marks, which become part of the work’s gesture. The dark surface in “Breaking Wave” is Belgian Black Recycled Marble ~ the line running through the surface indicates the effect of the breaking wave.

“Sunset Sail”: The crystals in marble reflect light through many layers, accentuating different parts of the sculpture with the changing light. When placed in a location with back lighting, where natural rays of light in particular may reach it, the Rosa Aurora Marble sail in the sculpture, “Sunset Sail” becomes transformed with translucent, dimensional light, accentuating the subtle rose tones within the sail (a “sunset glow.”)

This Rosa Aurora Pink or Portuguese Pink Marble has mineral veins of color running through. These mineral streams add dimension and gesture to the pink form gliding over the smooth surface. The slight grey mineral shadows in the white base trace hints of incoming twilight.

“At Dawn” invokes the moment of awakening from layers of sleep into the rosy dawn of light. The awakened form is hand sculpted, Bianco Carrara marble, resting on Rosa Aurora pink marble, (dawn) supported by Blue Grey slate (night’s ebb). The pale, shadow mineral streams through the rose marble symbolize the fading away of night. The layered, blue grey slate base represents the layers of sleep the hand sculpted form is awakening from, resting in attention on the rosy form supporting it. Materials: Bianco Carrara Marble, Rosa Aurora Pink Portuguese Marble, Blue Grey Slate. Note: Marble is a natural element &/or compound composed of 95 ~ 99% calcium carbonate crystals and is free from silica present in granite or limestone. The trace materials are minerals that appear as veins. Marble crystals allow light to penetrate its form in ways that gives the characteristic “life” to marble sculptures.