Danny Stephens

Art to me is mass consciousness expressing itself through the individual. I think of art as evidence of a larger transmission of intelligence. This presence is not limited to the arts, but also in the minds of any creative person and the lens they see the world through. They see the need for change, and see solutions past the normal avenues that push us further from unity. As an artist I plan to guide the viewer’s curiosities to a more tranquil understanding of what it means to be awake in these trying times. There is a trend for art to be at the frontlines of social change. I aim to use art to help us see through the veil of information that has been provided for us, and to inspire unity in coming up with solutions to today’s issues. My interests are in the visionaries and the impressionists. With my land and cityscapes, I hope to depict an anti-romantic view of our industrial tendencies by translating the futility of expanding fragile economies into a world that can swallow up any progress in a matter of seconds. In the visionary style, I want to spark a deep curiosity about the inner workings of human consciousness, synchronicities, and our connection to a larger system.

I was born in 1989 and raised in the greater Memphis area, spending my first couple years of college in Mississippi.  I left the south to pursue life experiences in the form of seasonal employment. This landed me working the ski industry in Utah, where I enrolled to complete my Bachelor’s degree at The University of Utah. I graduated in December of 2015 with a Fine Art’s degree emphasizing in Art Teaching. As a teaching generalist I was able to explore many forms of art making and found myself comfortable in painting, both in the studio and in the community. Currently living in Portland, Oregon I am focusing my art on inciting curiosity about the mystical nature of existence. I am a member of the Alberta Street Gallery Cooperative and you can find me live painting at various cultural events.